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Three weeks of dance in Rotterdam|HUIS Conny Janssen Danst

13 - 30 Jun 2023

Three weeks of performances in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst! During VERS&GERS, young makers and established choreographers show their work.

From 13 to 30 June, the doors of HUIS Conny Janssen Danst will open to the work of guest makers from various backgrounds. With a new program every week from Tuesday to Friday, with every evening three or four short choreographies in various dance styles. From highlights from the talent development project DANSLOKAAL to new work by dancers in the role of choreographer, to brand new results from artists in residence.


Watch a preview of the program

WEEK 1 (to be seen 13, 14, 15, 16 June)

Patricia van Deutekom – étude des hommes (Work in progress)
Dansers: Anna Mikula, Ronja Keultjes

Andreas Hannes – WARPING SOUL (from DANSLOKAAL 8, 2020)
Dancers: Laura Costa, Alberto Albanese, Remy Tilburg, Maud Huizing

Dario Tortorelli – D NO BODY reinstalled (from DANSLOKAAL 3, 2015)
Dancer: Adi Amit

WEEK 2 (to be seen 20, 21, 22, 23 June)

Dalton Jansen – Inner Self pt. 2 (New work)
Dancers: Claire de Caluwe, Noor Jayani, Tuan Tran

Hiro Murata – A Silent Rattle (New work)
Dancer: Pedro Ricardo Henry

Mariko Shimoda – Nukegara (from FRAMED Extended, 2021)
Dancers: Adi Amit, Maud Huizing, Mariko Shimoda

Remy Tilburg – Debussy’s Dream (from DANSLOKAAL 10, 2022)
Dancers: Pommelien Van Hees, Yanaika Holle, Maud Huizing

WEEK 3 (to be seen 27, 289, 29, 30 June)

Tu Hoang & Hiro Murata – False Memories (2022)
Dancers: Tu Hoang & Hiro Murata

Hiro Murata – A Silent Rattle (New work)
Dancer: Pommelien Van Hees

Zino Schat – Soma (from DANSLOKAAL 10, 2022)
Dancers: Alfonso López González, Mattia Trematerra, Carmine Vigliotti, Michele Simi

Ticket price

Standard: €15
Discount (CJP | <30 years | student): €10

Photo: Salih Kilic
Foto: ©Salih Kilic
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Photo: © Rob Hogeslag
© Laura Costa
© Amanda Harput



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