About Conny Janssen Danst

CONNY JANSSEN DANST, located in Rotterdam, has been one of the most prominent  modern dance troupes in the Netherlands since 1992.

The works of its artistic leader Conny Janssen are  widely known for their strongly physical and theatrical power of the dancers, and the surprising diversity of their performances, in which highly qualitative dance is always paramount. The thematic of the big city forms a significant  breeding ground. Conny Janssen is a specialist in creating on-site performances: from theatre to factory hall, from church to parking garage. By entering into alliances with artists and institutions from the world of photography, film industry, architecture, theater and music, Conny Janssen puts dance in a broader perspective.

The works of Conny Janssen were repeatedly awarded and are to be seen on both national and international festivals. In addition, Huis Conny Janssen Danst, the company’s home base in Rotterdam, is a breeding ground for young talent. Both young dancers and young dance makers are given the opportunity to develop within the professional environment of the company. On account of this, the troupe developed into an important promoter of modern dance.

Conny Janssen’s choreographies are defined as ingenious, powerful, and stirring. Although her language of dance is unconnected, it merges into a sophisticated music choice, composition, and lighting. On top of that, her works are characterized by a versatility, which every time turn out  to be unpredictable voyages of discovery for both her dancers and her audience. She melts together her flexible, outstanding language of dance with the personal qualities of her dancers. Therefore, her dancers stand on the stage as human beings of flesh and blood. Fragile, passionately, and with fighting spirit.

Conny Janssen Danst is subsidized in the context of the Kunstplan 2021-2024 by the Performing Arts Fund and receives a structural subsidy from the municipality of Rotterdam. The company has two studios and office spaces in Huis Conny Janssen Danst in Rotterdam: a vibrant place where not only performances are developed, rehearsed and presented, but also daily lessons for dance professionals are offered and there is plenty of room for talent development and new meetings.

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