Maker in DANSLOKAAL 9: Fubunation

wo 1 sep 2021

Conny Janssen Danst zelf draagt het Londense duo Fubunation voor in de 9e editie van DANSLOKAAL. Als winnaars van de Conny Janssen Danst award tijdens de RIDCC (2019) maken Waddah Sinada en Rhys Dennis (samen Fubunation) nu nieuw werk met de dansers van Conny Janssen Danst. Voor DANSLOKAAL 9 werken zij met Mariko Shimoda, Remy Tilburg, Toon Theunissen (stage), Carmine Vigliotti (stage) en Sarah Zechut (stage). We stelden hen enkele vragen over hun ervaringen met dit talentontwikkelingstraject.

What does it mean to you to be one of the choreographers in DANSLOKAAL?
Fubunation: We are excited to have been selected for this opportunity to take part in DANSLOKAAL 9. As a growing dance organisation from the UK it is important for us to build our network of supporters and collaborators outside of our home town and continue to engage and expose our work to a variety audiences. Since winning the Conny Janssen Danst Prize back in 2019 with our performance at RIDCC it is great that we get to come back to Rotterdam in this way, it feels like an evolution for our company.

DANSLOKAAL is actually the first opportunity for our work to be able to tour in this way. It is exciting to know that this work will take on a life span of its own in standing alongside the work of Astrid Boons and Ian Yves Ancheta as it is performed throughout The Netherlands this autumn. 

Repetitie van Fubunation. foto: Salih Kiliç

What is it like to work with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst?
Fubunation: It has been an interesting journey of working with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. We have such a varied cast of five individuals who all offer and lend something completely different and unique to the process and to the material we have generated with them.
It has both been a pleasure and a challenge, but a welcomed one. Until recently we have grown accustom to creating within the context of this duo pairing that is FUBUNATION and have found a comfortability in the way we hold that space. Now that we are working on a larger cast, we have had to adapt our choreographic approach which has informed us as creatives in how we can devise within this context.

It has been interesting to find a common language between our practice and aesthetic to that of the dancers. Figuring out different ways of how we can meet in the middle to arrive at the same goal has been informative for us.

Remy Tilburg en Toon Theunissen tijdens een repetitie met Fubunation. foto: Salih Kiliç

Can you tell briefly what the people can expect when they watch your piece in DANSLOKAAL?
Fubunation: To be absorbed into the experience of the dancers in a visceral way that allows the audience to relate to the work through their own lens. We encourage the audience to abandon their expectations allowing the work to arrive to them in the moment and encouraging them to reflect on how this piece may mirror their individual experiences.

Lees hier meer over het werk van Fubunation en hun bio.

Do 9 sep t/m zo 12 sep & Do 16 sep t/m zo 19 sep
Huis Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam

Di 5 okt t/m wo 13 nov
In verschillende theaters in Nederland!

Waddah Sinada en Rhys Dennis repeteren met de dansers. foto: Salih Kiliç
DANSLOKAAL 9: Fubunation. foto: Salih Kiliç|Repetitie van Fubunation. foto: Salih Kiliç|Remy Tilburg en Toon Theunissen tijdens een repetitie met Fubunation. foto: Salih Kiliç|Waddah Sinada en Rhys Dennis repeteren met de dansers. foto: Salih Kiliç
foto: Salih Kiliç
Yanaika Holle door Salih Kilic

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