Maker in DANSLOKAAL 6: Dunja Jocic

di 28 aug 2018

Korzo, één van de creatieve partners in DANSLOKAAL, schoof choreograaf Dunja Jocic naar voren voor de 6e editie van dit talentontwikkelingsproject en geeft haar hiermee de kans nieuw werk te ontwikkelen met de dansers van Conny Janssen Danst. Dunja werkt in DANSLOKAAL 6  met dansers Maud Huizing, Martijn Kappers, Richard Nagy en Mariko Shimoda. We stelden haar enkele vragen over haar werk in DANSLOKAAL.

What does it mean to you to be one of the choreographers in DANSLOKAAL?
Dunja: It is a wonderful opportunity to have a broader public to see your work.

What is it like to work with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst?
: It’s like speed dating. We need to get to know each other, see who how everyone ticks, what everyone’s the speed is, and this all in a very limited time frame. Exiting and challenging.

Can you tell briefly what the people can expect when they watch your piece in DANSLOKAAL?
Dunja: ‘Monday, evening, alone. Sometimes you slide into your good flow and sometimes your balance is disturbed. Then there are minuscule openings in your defence, which you thought was your natural shield, that is automatically used in case of threat, such as the awnings that automatically go down when the sun shows up. hotmail aanmelden As if you have apparently created an armour that shrinks in the physical absence of your loved ones, in the absence of light and vibrancy, such as wood shrinks in case of drought and bone due to lack of calcium.’
From the dairy of a dying friend.

Lees hier meer over het werk van Dunja Jocic en haar bio.

Do 6 sep t/m zo 9 sep & Do 13 sep t/m zo 16 sep
20.30 uur, Studio Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam

Do 20 sep t/m do 11 okt
In verschillende theaters in Nederland!

Foto: Rob Hogeslag

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