Maker in DANSLOKAAL 5: Antonin Comestaz

wo 13 sep 2017

Korzo producties, één van de creatieve partners in DANSLOKAAL, schoof choreograaf Antonin Comestaz naar voren voor de 5e editie van dit talentontwikkelingsproject. De van oorsprong Franse Comestaz werkt in DANSLOKAAL 5 met dansers Tu Hoang, Richard Nagy en Remy Tilburg. We stelden Antonin enkele vragen over zijn werk in DANSLOKAAL.

What does it mean to you to be one of the choreographers in DANSLOKAAL?
: I’m very excited! I find the environment very propitious to genuinely express my voice as a maker. There is a strong sense of freedom and exchange, which I believe is the essence DANSLOKAAL. Everybody is so curious and eager to experience ideas from choreographers with distinct sensitbilities. I’m happy to contribute!

What is it like to work with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst?
Antonin: Well, I didn t know the dancers until our first day in the studio and what struck me immediately was their openness and how quickly We became familiar. The piece will be a trio (three men), and all three are very different dancers with shining personalities. This is great cause I like to investigate the dancers singularities to elaborate my characters. They are also very participative to the creation process which sometimes give me the impression of having eight eyes! Overall, it feels organic and fun!

Can you tell briefly what the people can expect when they watch your piece in DANSLOKAAL?
: Although I have a clear emotional territory which I am scrutinizing for this piece, I come from a very physical place first. The bodies are used as bits of Legos, creating puzzles from which emerges absurd situations and ever shifting intrigues between the protagonists. The space itself is very present, it is like a mini world which invites to drift off in reverie with a touch of humor and gentle melancholia.

Lees hier meer over het werk van Antonin Comestaz en zijn bio.

Do 21 sep t/m zo 24 sep & Do 28 sep t/m zo 1 okt
20.30 uur, Studio Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam

Wo 18 okt t/m Do 2 nov
In verschillende theaters in Nederland!



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