Waw, this season so many things are happening that every night we performe a “new version” of the piece…For dancers it”s so easy to get injured, so we always have to be ready to replace our collegues, this means trying to be fast and flexible in the mind in order to adjust to the changes that Conny makes every time somebody is injured!

Besides that, this period is very hard, we perform a lot, every day in a different city, and when we don”t have a show, we are busy in the studio creating a new performance….that”s our life!
The other day, on our way to the theatre I was thinking that it”s so funny to realize that at the beginning of the week the energy is much higher, everybody is awake, we listen to the music in the car, we lough a lot, but when friday comes, we feel our body so heavy and tired that we take every little free time that we have to sleep and rest as much as we can.
Not so many performances are left, so let”s enjoy them!and looking forward to the new piece….


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