Laura Costa (stage) (23)


I love how transparent dance makes me feel. This borderline between fear and freedom that allows me to be present, creates space for me to grow, to learn and share, to develop myself as an artist and individual. Meeting new people and sharing different visions, unfolds new perspectives, and generates creative ideas. In dance, I found the necessity of communication, like speaking with no words. The ability to introduce an idea into an audience and its goal to impact individuals in a way that will echo in their lives.



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

10 AUG 2020


Professional Ballet School of Porto, Modern Theater Dance, Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kusnten

Laura is/was bij Conny Janssen Danst te zien in::

FRAMED online (2021)
FRAMED (2021)

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Heather Ware, Liat Waysbort, Serge Arthur Dodo, Amos Ben Tal, Nicole Beutler Projects

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