Sara Mistrorigo

For me, dance is a necessity and a therapy, because it makes me feel at peace. When I dance I get away from all my problems and often vent through it. Dance helps me to fully be myself, and communicate with the whole world. Sara Mistrorigo

Sara Mistrorigo(23)

Danser (Stage)



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

augustus 2023


PNSD Rosella Hightower, Cannes

foto’s: Andreas Terlaak

Nice to know about Sara:
Sara also likes to explore new styles to cultivate her own style, to create and improvise. Improvisation gives her the opportunity to express herself in an honest and instinctive way. She also creates her own music, as  music is an incredible source of inspiration for her.

Sara Mistrorigo - Room for Talent '23/'24 dancer at Conny Janssen Danst