Mia Bourhis

Dance is for me a way to be in tune with my body, my mind, music and the others surrounding me all, at the same time. When I dance, I feel I develop my awareness of my body in space, I develop my passion for life. It is an everyday discovery of sensations and an endless research which has become a necessity, something vital. I think it’s the most beautiful and honest way to read someone’s soul. Mia Bourhis

Mia Bourhis(23)

Danser (Stage)



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

augustus 2023


Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (2020-2023), UK; Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Masa Programme (2020), Israel

Mia about her other interests:
“I try to get inspired by any form of art that can enrich my dance, even though I mainly focus on music since I used to play the violin. I’ve already started to compose for dance and I would like to dig deeper in that direction. I’ve also been very interested in science, following a Maths and Physics degree at Sorbonne University of Science of Paris, I guess this is why I enjoy brainy combinations in dance.”

foto’s: Andreas Terlaak

Mia Bourhis - Room for Talent '23/'24 dancer at Conny Janssen Danst



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