J Ryan Carroll

J Ryan Carroll

Docent Klassiek

J Ryans class will start with a little bit of Yoga Narada®* to prepare the dancer for class. Then we will move on to David Howard’s Harkness Ballet Method** encouraging those deep internal connections to flourish within the structure of a ballet class. No one body is alike, but these methods bridge the mind-body gap in order to identify with these feelings and puts the combination of function and aesthetic in motion.

* Yoga Narada® (developed by Hilary Cartwright) was originally called Hilary Cartwright’s Yoga For Dancers. One moves from a sensory awareness of the physical body, to a progression of specific breath work, which activates and stimulates the nervous system. Through the use of imagery and anatomical reference, this method strengthens those mind-body connections. Please note this is not your traditional yoga.

**The Harkness Ballet Method (developed further by David Howard) is a feeling to form approach using the combination of musicality, ideokenetics, and kinesthetics to awaken what this “feeling” feels like.

J Ryan is currently on faculty at American Ballet Theatre for their summer program. He is an authorized Yoga Narada ® Teacher and a ballet teacher authorized in the David Howard Method. He is on guest faculty at Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, and Ballet Arts in NYC. He has taught ballet based on the David Howard Method and Hilary Cartwright’s Yoga Narada® throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Indonesia. He has been on faculty at summer programs for American Academy of Ballet, Peridance, Synthesis Dance Project, Northwest Florida Ballet, Western Ballet Theater of Puerto Rico, Ajkun Ballet Theater, Alabama Dance Theater, Northwest Florida Ballet, Southeastern Alabama Dance Theater, Mobile Ballet, Seiskaya Ballet, the International Dance Festival in New York City, and Joffrey Ballet NY. He has been ballet master for Tracie Stanfield’s Synthesis Dance Project in New York City. He was a company teacher for both the National and International tours of Fosse, as well as Ajkun Ballet Theater in NYC.

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