'If you deny my roots, you deny me.'

In the ’21 / ’22 season, Conny Janssen Danst is going to reprise HOME, a dance performance about people in search of their place in the world and in close proximity to each another. With the corona pandemic at the forefront of our minds, the notion of ‘home’ takes on a new meaning. This makes the performance even more topical than ever. 

If you deny my roots, you deny me’

HOME asks what ‘home’ is, what a house means. It is more than bricks, more than a physical space. What creates a ‘home’ for you, what makes you feel at home? Where do you belong?

“As is so often the case in my work, HOME is about the human being in connection with the other, how we relate to that other. I think we are who we are because of, with, in spite of and thanks to that other. In a personal as well as a social point of view.” – Conny Janssen

Together with a large, adventurous group of 14 dancers – young talent and familiar faces – Conny Janssen works with live music specially composed for HOME by soundscape artist Michel Banabila en cellist Maarten Vos, live performed by Maarten Vos or Karel Bredenhorst.

Dates 2021 – 2022

Fri Nov 26, 2021, Theater aan de Schie, Schiedam
Thu Dec 2, 2021, Theater Rotterdam
Premiere: Fri Dec 3, 2021, Theater Rotterdam
Tour until March 27, 2022, check tour list on the Dutch page

…an intensely comforting experience in confusing times.

…fascinating because of the subtleness with which she manages to let all individuals shine simultaneously within the entirety. […] In HOME, attention to detail is remarkable; it enriches the language of movement. That clarity is a major force.

All her choreographies radiate compassion for the vulnerable human being trying to find anchors in life’s chaos, a place that enables him to be himself and to be save, together with others.

Artistic team HOME
DANCERS Adi Amit, Maud Huizing, Tu Hoang, Yanaika Holle, Hiro Murata, Martijn Kappers, Mariko Shimoda, Remy Tilburg, Liza Wallerbosch and others
MUSIC COMPOSITION Michel Banabila & Maarten Vos
MUSIC LIVE PERFORMED BY Maarten Vos / Karel Bredenhorst
STAGE DESIGN Thomas Rupert
LIGHT DESIGN Remko van Wely
Babette van den Berg
DRAMATURGY Judith Wendel
REPETITOR Erik Spruijt

About Conny Janssen
Conny Janssen presents pure dance coloured with a human touch. Again, Janssen selects dancers with distinctive characters, appearing on stage as people of flesh and blood. Vulnerable, combative and passionate. The choreographer’s motto: In a world that becomes increasingly harsh and inhumane, we must make space for personal narratives.

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