Pedro Correia

I find kindness in dance. In the soft yet hard connections one can achieve through this physical share of energy and care for others. I love seeing how each body in space produces such a different combination of energy, flow and expression. I fell in love with that subtle art of dedicating my whole self, in exchange of those moments in which I am no longer in control of, or am, myself. For that painful pleasure of taking my body to its most extreme conditions. And for the gratefulness I feel whenever I have the ability to move. Pedro Correia

Pedro Correia(21)

Danser (Stage)



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

augustus 2023


Dance Bachelor at Codarts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam

foto’s: Andreas Terlaak

Room for Talent '23/'24 dancer Pedro Correia


Another Moment Ago

Marta & Kim|De Parade Rotterdam, Den Haag & Utrecht