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HOMME | étude des hommes & Unman

Patricia van Deutekom | LAVA Collective supported by Conny Janssen Danst

3 - 25 Apr 2024

Homme is a double-bill of the two most recent works by Patricia van Deutekom: étude des hommes and Unman. A duet and a quartet with the same theme, but completely different in energy and dynamics. It brings the audience a surprising combination and test of strength in dance. Both works were created in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst, where Patricia van Deutekom was involved as artist in residence and as choreographer in DANSLOKAAL 11. From April 3, the works can be seen together for the first time in a double program in Dutch theaters.

Van Deutekom finds the fragile balance between pushing and dancing, falling and catching, stroking and grabbing. With Unman, guest choreographer Patricia van Deutekom seems to feel at home with Conny Janssen Danst. De Volkskrant
étude des hommes | Photo ©Pien Düthmann

étude des hommes
Van Deutekom did a residency in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst in May 2023. During her residency she explored the themes of masculinity, femininity and codes of conduct. In étude des hommes she explores, accompanied by two female dancers from her own LAVA Collective, the theme of masculinity with a feminine vision and body language. A search for a ground, the story and the power that hides behind the emotions of jealousy and loneliness and the action-reaction of connectedness.


Unman © Martijn Kappers
Unman © Martijn Kappers
Unman | © Martijn Kappers
© Martijn Kappers

Unman is a quest for both masculinity and femininity; an inquiry into characteristics, behaviour and preferences attributed to the various genders. Is it feasible to disconnect from each other and from social expectations? The performance is situated in a world in which territorial boundaries and those with regard to form and identity blur. A world in which fraternity and distrust meet to explore one another; where strength and vulnerability interact.

Unman liberates the dancers from the fixed pattern, freed from expectations but yearning for something to hold on to. Van Deutekom created this work for four dancers from Conny Janssen Danst and was part of the DANSLOKAAL 11 program by Conny Janssen Danst.

Patricia van Deutekom creates an exciting and intriguing statement with the quartet Mia Bourhis, Davide Carraciola, Pommelien van Hees and Mattia Trematerra. THEATERKRANT about Unman


Edit Davide Bellotta | Camera Davide Bellotta & Sabine van der Vooren

Homme is a production of LAVA Collective and is made possible by Conny Janssen Danst, Municipality of Arnhem, Municipality of Rotterdam, Pieter Bastiaan Foundation.



Patricia van Deutekom


Mia Bourhis Davide Caracciolo Pommelien Van Hees Mattia Trematerra Ronja Keultjes (étude des hommes) Anna Mikula (étude des hommes)


Matteo Myderwyk (étude des hommes) Richard van Kruysdijk (Unman)


LAVA Collective ondersteund door Conny Janssen Danst


Artist in Residence: Patricia van Deutekom


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Maker in DANSLOKAAL 11: Patricia van Deutekom


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