VERS&GERS maker: Patricia van Deutekom

June 13-16: étude des hommes

During VERS&GERS – from 13 to 30 June – young makers and established choreographers show their work in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst. Dancer and maker Patricia van Deutekom (Netherlands, 1984) is one of them. 

In May, Patricia starts her residency in Residence in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst. As artist in residence she will be researching masculinity and femininity regarding codes of conduct and manners. During VERS&GERS, she will share her results up to then in ‘étude des homes’: no complete performance, but work in progress!

About the maker
Patricia van Deutekom graduated in 2005 at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Over the years she established herself as a dancer and joined the company by Jens van Daele | Burning bridges, for which she was also working as a co-choreographer and rehearsal director. Patricia supervised the educational team, took care of the artistic content and gave dance workshops and masterclasses for the company. In April 2021, she founded her own company, named LAVA Collective, to move on with her inspiring vision and drive independently, along with creating professional (theatre)dance performances and developing her own unique style and artistic signature as a maker.

Next to her work as an artistic leader, choreographer and dancer, Patricia van Deutekom is also working as a dance teacher. She teaches contemporary, floor work, condition training, repertoire and partnering to various national and international dance and art academies. Moreover, she was connected to the educational team of Introdans for years and is currently working as a freelance teacher for the talent development and education team of the Nederlands Dans Theater.

About étude des hommes

During VERS&GERS, Patricia will show the result of her residency in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst. ‘étude des hommes’ is a research on masculinity and femininity. Literally, homme means ‘man, human, guy, macho, masculine person, humanity, doer, death’. Van Deutekom is researching all these forms of ‘homme’ with masculinity of a human as a central theme. étude des hommes is about fraternisation, brotherhood, rapprochement and mutual understanding. A search for codes of conduct and manners along the balance of equality in spirit, body and character, while challenging, scanning and steadily building up to a strong physical and emotional showdown in dance.

In this pre-study, Van Deutekom is exploring the theme masculinity with a feminine vision and body language accompanied by two female dancers from LAVA Collective. A search for a ground, the story and the power that hides behind the emotions of jealousy and loneliness and the action-reaction of connectedness. The findings resulting from this study will be translated by two male dancers from LAVA Collective, leading to the new full-length production ‘homme’ which will finally premiere in January 2024 and go on tour nationwide until April 2024.


foto: Henry Krul

To see in VERS&GERS

The work by Patricia van Deutekom can be seen in week 1 of VERS&GERS
Date: from Tue 13 to Fri 16 June 2023
Time: daily at 20.30 uur
Location: HUIS Conny Janssen Danst, Dolf Henkesplein 3, Rotterdam