Min Li (38)


Min Li trained with traditional Chinese dance, joined National ballet of China. Went to America to study, then Joined Batsheva Ensemble; after, came to The Netherlands to dance and choreograph with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. After all these experiences, Min wants to share his knowledge and understanding of dance with people. Finding the connection between the body and mind is essential for his class. In either ballet or contemporary class, he would like to motivate the participants to stay curious and keep discovering the possibilities of the physicality and the sensation; finding the relationship between discipline and freedom, developing the personal interpretation of the movement, having an open mind to try and feel. Joy and the passion to move are very important, dance should be fun, not the mechanic routine of practice.



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

05 AUG 2019


California institute of the Arts

was als danser en/of docent eerder betrokken bij:

National Ballet of China
Batsheva Ensemble
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
National Ballet of China
HJS Amsterdam
Carte Blanche
SkaĚŠnes Theater
National Theater Mannheim Theater Heidelberg
Project Sally Maastricht De Stilte
Beijing Dance Academy

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