Makers in DANSLOKAAL 11: Marta & Kim

Wed 14 Sep 2022

The Dutch/Norwegian duo Marta & Kim was selected by Dansateliers to create new work for DANSLOKAAL 11. They combine circus and dance into their performances with a main interest in human connection.

In this talent development project they are working with Conny Janssen Danst intern dancers Tommy Heeffer, Kenji van Nieuwenhuizen and Enorah Schwaar. We asked Marta & Kim some questions.

What does it mean to you to be one of the choreographers in DANSLOKAAL?
Marta & Kim:
It is very exciting to work within the structures of a big and established company. Having the chance to focus on the isolated task of creating the piece is very valuable. Now we can concentrate on facilitating a good process for the dancers throughout the creation, and get the chance to experiment with how our input and information translates and manifests through interpretation. It’s a very concrete task in a way, and puts us in a more facilitating role than how we usually work. While at the same time a lot of things are also facilitated for us.

Repetitie voor DANSLOKAAL 11. © Pien Düthmann

What is it like to work with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst?
Marta & Kim:
We are used to working in between circus and dance, so we were very curious what it would be like to work with such highly specialized dancers. They are super generous, really commit themselves, and we are so impressed with their capacity to learn new things while still being able to work on details and layers within that material. It asks a high level of vulnerability and courage to dive head first into someone else’s universe while still being yourself and bringing your own perspective. These young performers are not only very skillful dancers, they are mature and generous people.

Repetitie voor DANSLOKAAL 11. © Pien Düthmann

Can you briefly describe what people can expect when they watch your piece in DANSLOKAAL?
Marta & Kim:
We hope people come to experience a live, handcrafted moment, and that they take the opportunity to go on a little journey with the dancers and within themselves. Also, for anyone who is familiar with Rutger Zuydervelt (‘Machinefabriek’) and his compositions, they might already know that they are in for a treat. He is definitely present with his soundtrack. We also think people will be moved by the sheer physicality and interactions between the dancers. For sure we are!

Lees hier meer over het werk van Marta & Kim en hun bio.

DANSLOKAAL 11 at festival De Nederlandse Dansdagen
Fri 29 & Sat 30 Sep
Kumulus, Maastricht

DANSLOKAAL 11 in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst
Thu Oct 5 t/m Sun Oct 15
HUIS Conny Janssen Danst, Rotterdam

DANSLOKAAL 11 on tour
Thu Oct 5 to Sun Oct 15
In different cities in The Netherlands

© Pien Düthmann
Dansers tijdens een repetitie voor DANSLOKAAL 11. © Pien Düthmann
Dansers tijdens een repetitie voor DANSLOKAAL 11. © Pien Düthmann


Rutkay Özpinar, Marta & Kim and Patricia van Deutekom|Theatre tour

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