Michele Simi

I dance since I have memories and for what I cannot remember there are tons of very low quality videos that my parents took with their first new videocamera. More than a passion, dance has always been for me a necessity. A fundamental way to express myself and to communicate my truth. Dance has accompanied and supported me in all moments of my life and I think it is the most honest part of me. My dance shows my weaknesses, my strengths, what I am most proud of and what I would like to hide, who I would like to be and who I can't be, my desires and my worries. Michele Simi

Michele Simi(25)

Dancer (Intern)



At Conny Janssen Danst since

August 2022


Codarts, University of the Arts (Rotterdam)

Michele’s personal interests: fashion and its history, figurative arts and their history, drawing, reading (mainly Decadent Literature), embroidery and Italo-disco. Obsessed with everything that is baroque, opulent and overly dramatic.

photo’s: Andreas Terlaak

Can be seen in


Rutkay Özpinar, Marta & Kim and Patricia van Deutekom|Theatre tour


Zino Schat|Vondelpark & De Parade


Window on the city