Photo: Salih Kilic


Zino Schat|Vondelpark & De Parade

30 Aug - 3 Sep 2023

How to deal with expectations from society? SOMA is about men dealing with a world in which toxic masculinity dominates. Society for them has one clear constraint: masculinity represents dominance, assertiveness and roughness. We see how the prevailing idea of masculinity influences the development of the individual. How do you compare yourself as a man to the other and how do you stay close to yourself? Is there space for feelings and vulnerability?

In the annual DANSLOKAAL, Conny Janssen Danst, in collaboration with partners from the dance world, opens doors to a motley collection of creative artists. The rhythmic hiphop choreographer Zino Schat (33), founder of Fractal Collective and pushed forward by Korzo for DANSLOKAAL – got the chance in the 2022 edition to collaborate with professional dancers, from the Rotterdam company, to develop a new choreography. In SOMA he fuses the techniques from urban and contemporary dance together to one dance portrait with four man about masculinity, friendship and being together in all its complex facets.


With certain combinations it is almost possible to hear the text. How meaningful the dance idiom has been developed, the dancers perform this choreography with such inner involvement.

About the maker: Zino Schat

Zino Schat (Amsterdam, 1989) is a choreographer, sound designer and creative director of Fractal. Before he created his own theatre performances, he teached music and toured the whole world with theatre performances as well as street performances, among others for Queen Maxima and President Obama. His theatre career started as a performer for the dance companies AYA and Solid Ground Movement. As a maker he collaborated with the National Opera and Het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. In 2022 he created in name of production house Korzo – which supports him in a four-year creators trajectory – the performance SOMA for four dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. Using complementary techniques, story telling and conveying emotions, in his choreographies he bridges the gap between contemporary and urban dance.

In SOMA (…) angular crow's feet merge into graceful crane locomotion De Volkskrant





Zino Schat (Korzo)


Alfonso López González Michele Simi Mattia Trematerra Carmine Vigliotti


Ryoii Ikeada Nils Frahm Murcof Frank Bretschneider

Assistent choreographer

Barbara Minacori


Mike van Alfen