Danser Yanaika Holle © Raymond de Vries


Window on the city

4 Feb - 3 Jun 2023

The latest performance by Conny Janssen Danst, FRAMED, is a visually assembled narrative in which live dance, film footage and music converge and create a collaborative world.

In FRAMED the viewer is introduced to twelve characters, all residents from the same city. A concatenation of scenes reveals what connects them; at which point their individual lives meet without being conscious of it.

In FRAMED there is a new role for video. Conny Janssen works together with set designer Thomas Rupert and filmmaker Davide Bellotta. A 33 m2 LED screen represents the shell of the city like an abstract painting. The film images serve as a light source and sensor for the adventurous group of dancers – young talent as well as familiar faces. The music in FRAMED is a varied soundtrack that moves between crystal clear classical music and cinematic urban soundscapes.


Flashes of light and stroboscopic effects occur in FRAMED. This can trigger a seizure in people with epilepsy.

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Video: Three Hands | Music: Michel Banabila

FRAMED presents various lives in the city: each one with its own rhythm and routine, each one with its own yearning. We create an associative universe, a fragmented mosaic in which these characters pass through, wandering around in their own thoughts and contem­plations. Right now, at this moment in time, in which we live in greater isolation than we perhaps would like to, we demonstrate that every­ one has his own way of coping with the feeling that is hidden behind our day­to­day lives.’ Conny Janssen
Foto © Andreas Terlaak
Foto © Andreas Terlaak
Foto © Andreas Terlaak
Foto © Andreas Terlaak
Foto © Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Foto: Andreas Terlaak
Of the duets, Amit and Shimoda stand out, their braids tied together as if by an umbilical cord, an unbreakable, sometimes suffocating maternal bond. NRC HANDELSBLAD
With this powerful visual design, scenographer Thomas Rupert and filmmaker Davide Bellotta manage to provide FRAMED – Window on the City with depth with dazing visuals of Rotterdam. De Volkskrant



Conny Janssen


Adi Amit Pommelien Van Hees Pedro Ricardo Henry Maud Huizing Alfonso López González Yanaika Holle Hiro Murata Mariko Shimoda Michele Simi Remy Tilburg Mattia Trematerra Carmine Vigliotti


Michel Banabila Oene van Geel Nina Simone Antonio Vivaldi A Winged History For The Sullen


Conny Janssen Thomas Rupert

Camera & edit

Davide Bellotta

Stage & video design

Thomas Rupert

Lighting design

Remko van Wely

Costume design

Babette van den Berg


Judith Wendel


Erik Spruijt

Stagecraft & Logistics

Luc Kossen


The music in FRAMED

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