FRAMED Explained: conversation with the artistic team

Posted: Mon 23 Jan 2023

FRAMED was set to hit theaters in 2021, but a lockdown prevented the cast and crew from touring. What did continue in 2021 were the recordings of the introductory film ‘FRAMED Explained’. Fortunately, in the spring of 2023, Conny Janssen Danst will still be touring with FRAMED. Although the images and answers in this video are now two years old and the dancer ensemble has changed with many new faces, ‘FRAMED Explained’ still offers a nice look behind the scenes in which various people involved talk about the creative process.
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Liesbeth Osse will talk to choreographer and artistic director Conny Janssen, dancers Yanaika Holle & Remy Tilburg and dramaturge Judith Wendel.
We also look behind the scenes with dancers Adi Amit, Mariko Shimoda & Tu Hoang (Tu will not be featured in FRAMED in 2023), set and video designer Thomas Rupert, film maker Davide Bellotta, costume designer Babette van den Berg and lighting designer Remko van Wely.

Curious to see the performance?

FRAMED is touring from February 4 until June 3 2023 in Dutch theaters.

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