COMBI: Guided tour FENIX 1 + VERS&GERS performances

Posted: Mon 8 May 2023

As part of Rotterdam Architecture Month, Conny Janssen Danst and Urban Guides will offer guided tours on Wednesday 14, 21 and 28 June in Fenix 1: the fascinating building in the Katendrecht area where, since 2019, HOUSE Conny Janssen Danst, Codarts Circus Arts, Circus Rotjeknor and various catering establishments are located in the former storage warehouse of the Holland-America Line. And on top of which a completely new apartment complex was built, designed by MEI architects.

With a guide you walk around, in and on top of the building for an hour and you hear all the ins and outs about the history, design, construction and architecture.

The tours start at 7.15 pm and after the tour you can visit VERS&GERS; with choreographies by young and established dance makers from diverse backgrounds.

How to order?
Combi-tickets for guided tour + performance VERS&GERS( € 25,-) can be ordered for:
Wednesday June 14 – Order combi ticket(s) >>
Wednesday June 21 – Order combi ticket(s) >>
Wednesday June 28 – Order combi ticket(s) >>

Start tours: 7.15 pm at Dolf Henkesplein 3, 3072 LN, Rotterdam
Start performances VERS&GERS: 8.30 pm







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