18 Feb 2024: Workshop ‘Body-House’ with Keren Rosenberg

Posted: Thu 18 Jan 2024

Workshop Sunday in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst. Keren Rosenberg shares her movement language during her workshop ‘Body-House’ on Sunday February 18.

11:00 – 14:00
Location: HUIS Conny Janssen Danst (Dolf Henkesplein 3, Rotterdam)
Price: €25

Keren Rosenberg introduces herself:
“My name is Keren, I am a professional coach, and the creator of the BodyHouse method for Coaching – Moving – Being.
I embarked on my evolved coaching journey after being a full-time artist, performer, choreographer, facilitator, and leader of creative processes specializing in talent development.
For 22 years, I travelled across the world and shared the universal language of dance and creative expression with thousands of people in four continents and over 22 countries. I was always inspired by how people awaken into their true being with and through the vessel of their body, if we only create the space of trust to unleash what is inside and let it be fully expressed into the world.
I felt the deep calling to bring the learnings from being a creative BEING in world of the performing arts into the multidimensional realms of our human experience. And how to become the master creator of our own lives in every dimension we wish for.
I do so by creating communal and 1on1 tailor-made transformative journeys for people to connect with powerful wisdoms of their body, creative spirits, and energy of the heart. And so far, it has been the most liberating and mind-blowing journey.”

‘Body-House’ by Keren Rosenberg:
The workshop is an invitation for you to meet yourself on the journey between the Formless and the Form. Where energy and flesh will expand their vibrations. Where your heart and your spirit are expanding and suspending between heaven and earth. On this workshop you will be exploring the meaning of being unleashed in both your raw power and vulnerability.
“I will be sharing the artistic, physical, and spiritual practices that are the foundation for my BodyHouse method. A method that has been supporting thousands of people in meeting their true voice from within, letting go of the limiting beliefs and inner fear, so our humanity and expression can be shared with the world UNLEASHED!”
The workshop is for dancers that want to get a deeper understanding on their unique gift and talent. And for those who want to know how to become grounded, vital, and embodied in your power, especially in the demanding field of performing arts and in life in general.
In this workshop Keren will focus on the following themes:

  • Breath & Energy work
  • Presence & Rituals
  • Connection & Transformation

“To establish a common ground, I will be sharing with you the fundamentals of the physically embodied and intuitive method BodyHouse: where you will approach the body as a vessel that carries energy and vibrations, where skin functions as a two-way wall, mediating between the intimate space. Connecting to our own presence underneath the skin and how do we share it with ourselves, with each other and with the universe around us and through us.”

Visit: http://www.kerenrosenberg.com/

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