Tu Hoang

Tu Hoang

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About Tu’s class
Tu combines eastern philosophies with lots of moving styles and techniques. During his class Tu will focus on using different breathing techniques and exercises from Qi gong. He wants to help dancers understanding more about their body and energy. He wants to learn you how to use Qi gong in your own way of moving and to increase movement quality from the inside.
Most importantly in Tu’s class is to have fun and to find peace within yourself through movement.

About Tu Hoang
Tu Hoang (1988) is an independent choreographer from Hanoi, Vietnam. He is currently working as a Freelancer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He began with practicing Kungfu at the age of 10 and then found his interest in movement. He joined the Vietnam National Dance Academy shortly after and graduated in Classical Ballet in 2006. Tu worked for dance companies over ten years, like the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet and Conny Janssen Danst.

Since 2010 he started choreographing too, and slowly began to find his own identity in dance. His goal is to try to combine his Oriental background such as Kungfu, Taichi, detailed hand movements together with his western’s dance knowledge throughout the years of experience from urban hiphop, ballet and contemporary dance. Most Recently he create the piece False Memories with Hiro Murata. They won the first prize of the 27th Masdanza Choreography Competition and got invited to various festivals in Italy, Hungary and the USA.

Next to the prize at the Masdanza Choreography Competition in 2022, Tu won different other prizes: 3rd Prize Winner Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (2018), 1st Audience choice award in Tanzplattform Bern (2019), 1st prize Winner Hannover International Choreography Competition (2020) and more.


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