Mariko Shimoda

Dancing is like breathing for me. Ever since I started dancing when I was a little, it has been the biggest part of my life. I also enjoy teaching ballet classes at academies and HUIS Conny Janssen Danst to share my knowledge and to work with young dancers. On my days off I enjoy spending time with my son and watch him living his life to the fullest!   Mariko Shimoda

Mariko Shimoda(39)

Dancer | Teacher | Coordinator classes & workshops



At Conny Janssen Danst since

April 2012


The Boston Conservatory, Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy

Bio Mariko Shimoda
Dancing and creating were already Mariko’s passion at a young age. She started practicing classical ballet at the Nagano Ballet when she was three years old. She continued her education in the United States at the Boston Conservatory where she created her first creation “Taiko” for her fellow students.

After graduating at Codarts (Rotterdam) she worked as a freelance dancer with Regina van Berkel, Paul Selwyn Norton and Arlon Luijten and with the International Dance Theater in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She has been dancing for Conny Janssen Danst since 2012, where she has been given various opportunities to create her own work. For example, in 2020 she made a solo called ‘1711’ as part of the performance Monuments in Solitude. A solo about her experience of giving birth to her son and about the isolated small bubble she was in during Covid.

Next to dancing and creating, Mariko enjoys teaching ballet classes and workshops at Conny Janssen Danst, Codarts and the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

About her class
Mariko’s ballet class focuses on musicality and awareness of body. Her aims for dancers is to be able to move through space freely using the ballet technique.
You will be working on coordination, control of limbs in their full capacity, and use of breath to support efficiently in fast and dynamic movement.

photo’s: Andreas Terlaak

Open Class with Mariko Shimoda

Mariko telling all about her class

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