Davide Bellotta

Davide Bellotta(37)




At Conny Janssen Danst since

November 2010


Centro Internazionale Danza e Spettacolo Opus Ballet

Davide Bellotta (Italy, 1986) has been a dancer in the Conny Janssen Danst ensemble since 2010 and first explored the choreographer’s profession as a maker in Switzerland. There he choreographed for the multidisciplinary location performances OTHER LANDS (2009), MIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM (2010) and BLUEBEARD (2011). Davide continued his work as a choreographer for Conny Janssen Danst with DANSLOKAAL 2 (2014/2015). In 2016 he created the performance CLARITY together with singer-songwriter iET.

He sees creating dance as the ultimate freedom for expressing his ideas. It is important to him to let the audience experience his vision, while leaving room for their own interpretation. In addition to being a maker and dancer, Davide is also a musician and filmmaker. He is the founder of ThreeHands, a company that makes video clips, commercials, music compositions and visuals.

For FRAMED (2022) Davide Bellotta collaborated with Conny Janssen and set designer Thomas Rupert for the role of video in the performance.

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