Dario Tortorelli

Dario Tortorelli(47)

Teacher Ballet



Dario Tortorelli about teaching Ballet class: “As in my work and in life, I seek harmony between the physical and the intangible. Through the basic structure of a ballet class, spatial awareness, and musicality, I invite dancers to be in harmony with their bodies in motion.

Dario Tortorelli had toured and worked internationally as a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher and is currently based in The Netherlands where the company DIVEinD – visual poetry of performing bodies (Rotterdam) was founded to develop further productions.

Born in Italy (1977) Dario trained as a classical and contemporary dancer. From 1996 to 2001 Dario lived in France and started a career with the Jeune Ballet de Cannes to then join the Ballet de Nice.

In August 2001 Dario moved to the Netherlands and worked as a performer, among others, for Introdans (Arnhem), Conny Janssen Danst (Rotterdam), and WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek (Antwerp-Rotterdam).

Since 2012 Dario is dedicated to choreographic research. This was followed soon with the Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk (Poland) and the creation of After Nearly Land(e)scaping for Conny Janssen Danst – (DANSLOKAAL 1 (2013)), followed by D NO BODY Installed (DANSLOKAAL 3 (2015)).

In 2018 a nomination for the Dutch Dance Festival Prize was received and the German magazine TANZ places Dario on a list of the 41 most promising artists in Europe. The same year the performance D NO BODY 5 #transcending is nominated in the yearbook of theatrekrant.nl, as the best new performance of the 2017-2018 theatre season in The Netherlands.

Ever since Dario continues an artistic path through the experimentation and collaboration of dance with other disciplines. Most recently this led to the creation of TRANSMOTION, a sensory performance in which the audience is immersed in a total experience with dance, spatial design, live sound, and installation.

Next to creating, Dario teaches, coaches, and creates for various dance academies in the Netherlands (Codarts, Artez, Ahk, Fontys) and is a guest teacher, among others, at Conny Janssen Danst (Rotterdam), Scapino Ballet (Rotterdam), Introdans (Arnhem), Skånes Danstheater (Malmo), and Sally Dansgezelschap (Maastricht).


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