Antonin Comestaz

Antonin Comestaz(44)




Antonin Comestaz is a French choreographer, residing in The Hague. The characteristic of his work is its playful tone and a personal, inventive, and detailed dance vocabulary with elements borrowed from folk, mime, breakdance, commercial dance, ballet, contemporary dance, and cartoons. Within a piece, drastic shifts of styles and genres may occur, knitted together by a refined sensibility for the absurd.

He graduated from the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1999 and after this he danced with the Paris Opera Ballet, The Hamburg Ballet, Tanz Theater Munich, Ballet Mainz and Scapino Ballet. Since 2013, Antonin has focused on developing his own work as a freelance choreographer, with his breakthrough being his cross-genre piece “Out of the gray” at Korzo.

In 2017, he created work as a young choreographer for DANSLOKAAL 5. Korzo, one of the creative partners in DANSLOKAAL, put him forward for the 5th edition of this talent development project by Conny Janssen Danst.

Antonin has already received several awards and nominations for his playful, idiosyncratic and very involved choreographic style. His work is regularly shown at various international festivals.