Anne Suurendonk

Anne Suurendonk

Teacher Contemporary

Anne’s class starts with a warm up in which she will let you experience the specific shapes and techniques of her style. Elements such as bounce, flow, opening up the body, stamina, different muscle qualities, improvisation, and musicality will be worked on. Anne’s academic background mixed with her urban feel makes a unique, natural fusion and organic contemporary movement language, which is strongly driven by music. Her style is very rhythmical and dynamic. After the warm up she will work on a movement phrase, and will lead you to go deep into the material. The focus will be both on embodiment as well as ‘performance’, seeing movement as a way to communicate.

Anne Suurendonk (Born in Amsterdam, 1988) graduated in 2010 from the jazz musical education at the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She danced in some of Wies Bloemen productions at Danstheater Aya. In addition, she discovered her great passion for choreography, and gained various experiences to further develop herself in this. In recent years she worked as a freelance teacher (urban contemporary) and choreographer at various dance academies and companies in the Netherlands. She did residencies at Dansmakers Amsterdam, works as a choreographer at dance theater Aya en Dox, and is part of the collective Artbeat Amsterdam.

People and what makes us human is what fascinates me endlessly. The work is always about themes that every person has to deal with. I zoom in on life, on the relationships we start. It’s always about emotions. I’m investigating how I can shape the inner world. The highs and lows. People often only want the beautiful things in life, I think out of fear. But I really believe in the power of vulnerability and I think we would get much further together if we were more open about our experiences and dare to share. That brings us closer together. This is where I always start from, as a person and as a maker

Surrender, letting go, vulnerability, fighting spirit, commitment, loneliness. Being alone together, celebrating life, feeling free. Love. Relationships.

Surrender because I find that touching, in every form. Giving yourself completely to something touches me. And the confidence you need to do so.

I dance to feel alive. The power of art in general and the way it brings people together is magical. It connects. Dance is my form of expression to contribute to that.

Open Class with Anne Suurendonk

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