Foto: Salih Kilic

Debussy’s Dream

Remy Tilburg|De Parade

30 Aug - 3 Sep 2023

In Debussy’s Dream – one of the three DANSLOKAAL contributions from 2022 – dancer, dance maker and photographer Remy Tilburg guides us through Claude Debussy’s fictional sketches of thought and nightmares. Three female dancers perform Remy Tilburgs’ characteristic fragmented dance technique. Faces covered in silver pearls and remarkable light effects with distinct colours make Debussy’s Dream developing into a dreamy dance trip that that elicits a smile here and there.

The dancers emerge as characters, while they move in a rhythmic, articulate way, in search of an existence in which freedom prevails with room for a personal identity. Not unlike the chemical process of taste, colour and texture, that manifests itself in the kitchen to become a tasty dish, does the movement in Debussy’s Dream manoeuvre itself into dance. The world of dreams reveals a recipe in which the traveling bodies establish new forms of movement.

…the galactic choreography is intriguing and strongly performed. De Volkskrant
©Salih Kilic

In the annual DANSLOKAAL, Conny Janssen Danst, in collaboration with partners from the dance world, opens doors to a motley collection of creative artists. Dancer, choreographer and photographer Remy Tilburg – co-founder of IID and working as a dancer for Conny Janssen Danst since 2014 – got the chance in the 2022 edition to collaborate with professional dancers, from the Rotterdam company, to develop a new choreography.


Debussy's Dream



Remy Tilburg


Pommelien Van Hees Yanaika Holle Maud Huizing


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Costume design

Bregje van Balen Remy Tilburg

Lighting design

Remko van Wely