Conny Janssen receives ‘Prijs van Verdienste’ (Award of Merit) from Dansersfonds ‘79

Posted: Thu 9 Nov 2023

The honorable ‘Prijs van Verdienste’ (Award of Merit) that Dansersfonds ’79 awards annually is this year for Conny Janssen. The jury of this important dance prize – led by ballet celebrities Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar – praises the Rotterdam choreographer and artistic director for the ‘love, enthusiasm and a powerful vision’ with which she leads our company and HUIS Conny Janssen Danst. The Merit Award is ‘a recognition for everything she has done for dance in the Netherlands in recent decades.’ Conny Janssen will receive the prize on Monday, November 13, during the Dutch Ballet Gala in DeLaMar Amsterdam.

25th Dutch Ballet Gala

Dansersfonds ’79 will award several prizes during the Ballet Gala. This year there is another ‘Prijs van Verdienste’: for our esteemed colleagues Andrea Leine & Harijono Roebana. The annual ‘Aanmoedigingsprijs’ (Encouragement Award) goes to the young dancer and choreographer Joshua Junker. There is also a dance program showing the crème de la crème of the Dutch dance world with fragments from various performances. Conny Janssen Danst is represented this year with a duet from the location performance SO HERE WE ARE NOW.

Nederland, Rotterdam, 21-06-2022.So Here We Are Now van Conny Janssen Danst in de Van Nelle Fabriek. Foto: Andreas Terlaak

The jury of Het Dansersfonds ’79 about Conny Janssen
‘As a choreographer, the Rotterdam native has now built up an impressive oeuvre that, above all, reflects her deep understanding of the human psyche. Her creations are not so much about the form or concept, but are always about people of flesh and blood, their emotions and experiences.
But Conny Janssen does more than just create beautiful, deeply moving productions. She has been an enthusiastic ambassador for Dutch dance in many ways for many years, emphasizing openness and interconnectedness in the sector and creating opportunities for new generations. Conny receives the ‘Prijs van Verdienste’ in recognition of everything she has meant to dance in the Netherlands in recent decades.’

Conny Janssen is extremely grateful to receive this honorable prize during the Dutch Ballet Gala next Monday, November 13 in DeLaMar Amsterdam. Do you want to be there? Then buy (the last) tickets via

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