Rubén Garcia Arabit

Rubén Garcia Arabit

Teacher Contemporary

During Rubén’s class he will raise questions or exercises through the form of contact improvisation that will lead you into an experience. This experience is personal and everybody takes their own lesson out of it. The aim is to research the form of contact improvisation by standing, lying or somewhere in between. During Rubén’s class you will playfully learn about your own body.

Rubén started dancing as a small kid and by now he has wonderful dance career. In the mits of his career he fell in love with Contact Improvisation. He felt connected to the researching mind. He feels like performance is a result of the curious and playful mind. Through this he felt he could sink deeper into his body, making movement and connection more available. Therefore, he enjoys sharing ideas and research topics that hopefully trigger this state of mind in people.

Open class with Ruben Garica Arabit

Ruben talks about his class