Zino Schat

Zino Schat

Teacher Contemporary



Zino’s class focuses on improvisation tools, Body Control and Breaking. A core theme in Zino’s work is the exploration of identity in our society. He investigates how different identities come together and manifest themselves in various forms and expressions. With a background in Hip Hop styles, he has developed a hybrid movement language that is clearly visible in his choreographies.

Zino Schat, born and raised in Amsterdam, is a versatile artist with a passion for choreography and performance art. With his 34 years of life experience, he has built an impressive career as artistic director of Fractal Collective.
Zino’s approach to choreography is unique due to his multidisciplinary background. As a former dancer, guitarist and sound designer, he has developed a wide range of artistic skills that he brings together in his choreographic work. His early experience as a street artist gave him a deep understanding of the interaction between performer and audience, an aspect he still considers valuable in his artistic practice.
Zino currently fulfills the role of House Choreographer at Korzo, a renowned platform for contemporary dance in the Netherlands. He also shares his knowledge and experience as a teacher and coach at the Expanded Contemporary Dance department of the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Through his work as a choreographer and his involvement in education, Zino contributes to the development and flourishing of the dance community.

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