Foto © Salih Kiliç

Warping Soul

Andreas Hannes | European tour

13 - 24 Oct 2023

WARPING SOUL is the surprising choreography made by upcoming choreographer Andreas Hannes for Conny Janssen Danst’s talent development project DANSLOKAAL. A short dance performance ‘from outer space’ developing into a techno rave which makes you long for more…

In ‘Warping Soul’, the dancers emerge within a space that is constantly in transit. At the mercy of external forces, they move within movement. Through the disorientation and reorganisation of bodies and space, Andreas Hannes explores the dynamics of bouncing and warping*. By questioning the body’s agency, he aims to intensify the magnetism and binding between bodies and space to create a tantalising atmosphere for an otherworldly dance.

‘Warping Soul’ was inspired by the practice of continuous skipping (as in skipping down the street) that Andreas Hannes has been developing since 2017. Key elements of his practice were road-trips, transiting landscapes and aerodynamic forces.
*warp: to bend or turn from the (original) directionor course

Warping Soul is alienating and of otherworldly beauty. Het Parool
Foto © Salih Kiliç

In the annual DANSLOKAAL, Conny Janssen Danst, in collaboration with partners from the dance world, opens doors to a motley collection of creative artists. Andreas Hannes – selected by Dansateliers – is one of the three makers who was given the opportunity to develop a new choreography in the 2020 edition in collaboration with the professional dancers of the Rotterdam company. Successfully! Warping Soul became the highlight of the tour and was noticed nationally and internationally, including by Aerowaves, the Spring Forward Festival in Greece and Lowlands 2022.

Maud Huizing and Remy Tilburg master the fragmented, fragmented motor skills down to every fiber of their bodies. With this, Hannes makes the most fascinating contribution to the eighth edition of DANSLOKAAL. De Volkskrant
Imagine you all discover a techno rave, and the best part? The fuse is cut at the climax, and I want more.’ Georgia Howlet (bezoeker)


Warping Soul



Andreas Hannes

Performers (2 casts)

Remy Tilburg Maud Huizing Laura Costa Alberto Albanese Adam Khazhmuradov Beatrice Cardone


Rival Consoles feat. Peter Broderick Gary Shepherd (DJ Streamer) (Mix)

Lighting design

Marcel Slagter