Davide Caracciolo

Through dance I got the possibility to be free for the first time in my life. The feelings and the emotions that dance provoke in me are the most beautiful and pure. I never felt something like this anywhere, so... that's the reason why I'm still dancing! I'm addicted to the happiness and freedom that this form of art always gives me. Davide Caracciolo

Davide Caracciolo(23)

Danser (Intern)



At Conny Janssen Danst since

August 2023


Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam

Nice to know about Davide:
It’s Davide’s hobby to write poetry; to turn his thoughts into poems.


foto’s: Andreas Terlaak

Davide Caracciolo - Room for Talent '23/'24 dancer at Conny Janssen Danst



Patricia van Deutekom|De Parade Rotterdam, Den Haag & Utrecht