Fleur Roks

Fleur Roks

Docent Contemporary

Fleur about her class ‘FLEURWORK’:
“You will sweat, play, fail, learn, connect, dance and clean the floor with your booty 😉
FLEURWORK is a way to share my love for learning new moves and tricks and help you create your own style by being inspired and seeing other people move.”

FLEURWORK’s warm-up consists of a bit of yoga (good for the wrists!), specific fitness exercises and playful games to get sweaty and strong. Some basic floorwork exercises to feel the connection with the floor. You will work on specific techniques and movements, learn new tricks, play and improvise with specific ideas and find your own moves connected with the tricks. Last but not least, there will be a dramatic dance phrase which gives you the opportunity to dance with the stars!

About Fleur:
Fleur Roks, (1996) contemporary dancer, graduated Bachelor of Dance/Maker at ArtEZ University of the Arts. She can be seen in various projects with dance, (puppet)theatre and circus companies and at festivals with various disciplines and artists. She is also a co-founder of Lazy Susan and Co. a fresh and special dance company in Rotterdam. Fleur is curious by nature and powerful movements are by far her favourite. Recently she developed her classes named ‘FLEURWORK’: sharing her love for movement with professionals.

Short video of this class

Fleur telling all about FLEURWORK