Live in BROOS: Maartje Teussink

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist

Maartje Teussink is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist. After her basis education as a clarinettist, she studied at the department of percussion and classical singing of the Janaček Music Academy in Brno (Tsjechië); she graduated at the Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie Amsterdam [Drama School and Academy for Cabaret]. Subsequently, she continued her studies as an artist in residence (Burren College of Art, Ierland) and attended private classes (bass, singing) and various vocal master classes ( i.a. with Lucia Meeuwsen).

Her music can be defined as lyrical and countercultural; it combines various musical influences. Typical of her work is the strong and poetic atmosphere she designs as a soundscape and sound decor for theatre and dance performances. For her, a powerful connection with the performance’s theme is a pivotal creative point of departure. Maartje creates her musical atmospheres and soundscapes and sounds in a live situation with a wide range of musical instruments, including guitars, percussion instruments, bass, piano, synthesizer, clarinet and bouzouki, together with vocals and samples.

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Compositions for theatre
Her oeuvre, both recent and early work, includes compositions for numerous national and international ensembles, e.g. De Bloeiende Maagden, Orkater, Ro Theater and Theater Bremen (directed by Alize Zandwijk). In 2016, she composed and played the live music for the site-specific performance COURAGE by Conny Janssen Danst at the Ferro Dome.

Maartje composed music for a Saskia Boddeke en Peter Greenaway theatre production and video installation, performed at the Oerol festival and wrote the film scores for films such as ‘Slaaf’ and ‘Goed Volk’, as well as for the free production ‘De Elite’, to mention one. Her most recent 2017 compositions were the live music for the ‘Golden Heart’ performance by Theater Bremen, the music for ‘Die Wildente’ by Schauspielhaus Zürich; in 2018 she wrote the music for a new dance production by Theater Bremen, and for the Jack Wouterse theatre tour.
In 2000, she was awarded the Grote Prijs van Nederland for her compositions.

In addition to writing music for theatre productions, she, as a singer-songwriter, creates albums, mostly as in-house productions. Her latest album ‘Organic Cities’ was published by Bertus Distributie in March 2018 and can be found on Spotify:

For BROOS I want to create music that is sensitive, which keeps pace with the dancers’ dynamics, which is leading but also following. To me the ‘broos’ theme accommodates vulnerability, a two-sided notion: one side in need of protection, the other on a quest for perspective.” – Maartje Teussink

Multi-instrumentalist Maartje Teussink is an alchemist in a musical laboratory full of picking guitar riffs, throbbing basses and spherical soundscapes.”Trouw, 2016 (about her music in Conny Janssen Danst’s COURAGE)

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