KIEM – Conny Janssen Danst live music by Budy Mokoginta & Mark Schilders

Nov '19 till Mar '20 in theatres

‘KIEM: A performance about resilience, the will to live and vitality’

After HOME (2017) and BROOS (2019), KIEM is the latest work for theatre venues by Conny Janssen, including an extensive adventurous ensemble of nine dancers.

For BROOS (2019), Conny Janssen found inspiration in old age, youth and the vulnerability that emerges throughout all stages of live. A personal source of inspiration was the imploding live of her mother, the embodiment of the notion of ‘brittleness’.  As a consequence of this intense process, a need for a counterbalance arose, embracing the vitality of life. To look beyond walls and discover what else life has in store, to explore a new horizon. To throw open the windows and let in a breath of fresh air.

The newest KIEM performance (meaning ‘Nucleus’) is about vigour, the will to live. It is about the fight to liberate yourself from your barriers, about the urge to break free. To fill your lungs with fresh air and thus be able to embrace new possibilities with renewed energy.

Live music, specially composed for KIEM by Budy Mokoginta & Mark Schilders
In addition to an adventurous and international dancers ensemble, for KIEM, Conny Janssen has united two amazing musicians: Budy Mokoginta and Mark Schilders. Budy is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, but is also known for his electronic soundscapes. Mark Schilders instrumental range includes percussion instruments and he applies lots of electronic musical instruments and devices. Together they are going to release an exciting energy which will fit in splendidly in the KIEM performance.

About Conny Janssen Danst
Conny Janssen’s work received numerous awards; it can be seen at several festivals. Conny Janssen Danst also fosters young talent, with both young dancers and young creators of dance given the opportunity to develop within the professional environment of the company. This makes the company an important ambassador for modern dance.

Tour KIEM: Nov 2019 until March 2020
Dates & theatres: check tourlist at the Dutch page


Dancers Remy Tilburg & Yanaika Holle in rehearsals. © Andreas Terlaak

Photo on top of this page: Dancer Hiro Murata. © Raymond de Vries


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