In Huis Conny Janssen Danst

Celebrate the onset of summer with Conny Janssen Danst at de Kaap, featuring a programme of live dance. Enjoy new and remastered work by young makers during the KAAPSE ZOMER, from June 7 to June 27.  Situated in and created from the heart of Huis Conny Janssen Danst.
Photo above: a FRAMED Extended rehearsal| © Salih Kiliç

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Because only 28 visitors can take place per performance, we have decided not to ask for COVID test results for access.FAQ.

What preceded
In February 2021, after months of rehearsals, Conny Janssen Danst was ready to start touring with the new production FRAMED. However, with the premiere night approaching, more stringent measures for Covid 19 were reinstated: theatres remained closed. Just like the dancers worked on Monuments in Solitude and DANSLOKAAL during the first lockdown, we also embarked on a new project during the second lockdown: FRAMED Extended. Conny Janssen invited three dancers to commence a choreographic research inspired by FRAMED. During the days that were initially scheduled for the FRAMED tour, new work emerged.

“What makes it so special is that, during this period, we tapped into an enormous creative energy well, providing space and attention for the dancers’ additional talents. For this choreographic research, I asked the dancers to use FRAMED as a source of inspiration, an anchor, and, subsequently, spread their wings and adopt their own approach. What we did here was a germination process of new talents.” – Conny Janssen

The KAAPSE  ZOMER programme includes three performances:

New: FRAMED Extended (June 9-20 )
The results of a choreographic research with FRAMED as a starting point, having developed into three versatile, self-contained, choreographies by Yanaika Holle, Hiro Murata and Mariko Shimoda.

DANSLOKAAL (June 23-27)
The annual talent development project for young makers. KAAPSE ZOMER features a selection of three works from the sixth and eighth edition of DANSLOKAAL by makers Andreas Hannes (Dansateliers), Tu Hoang and Dalton Jansen.

Personal dance solos created in social isolation. For many people, the June 2020 performance of Monuments of Solitude was their first experience with live dance since the first lockdown. KAAPSE ZOMER includes a selection of the dance solos.

Week 1 & 2 (June 9 to June 20):
FRAMED Extended
Wed. to Sat.: 7. 00 PM and 8.30 PM
Sun.: 4.00 PM and 7.00 PM
Week 3 (June 23 to  June 27):
Wed. to Sat.: 7.00 PM: DANSLOKAAL and 8.30 PM:  Monuments in Solitude
Sun.: 4:00 PM: DANSLOKAAL and 17.00 PM: Monuments in Solitude

A safe visit to Huis Conny Janssen Danst
To guarantee safe studio performances at the Huis Conny Janssen Danst, both for the audience, the dancers and staff members, we follow the RIVM guidelines. Please read here what measures we took to ensure a safe visit.

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