INSIDE OUT returns in 2018

From January till April in theatres

After the successful 2015 tour, performing at packed venues, receiving raving press reviews, exuberant audience responses, and a Swan nomination – the most prestigious dance award in the Netherlands – the Rotterdam-based dance company Conny Janssen Danst returns to the stage with INSIDE OUT in 2018. It includes live music by a four-person band directed by singer-songwriter iET. The INSIDE OUT reprise will premiere at the Rotterdam Schouwburg on January 19, 2018; subsequently, it will tour the Dutch theatres until April 29.

For INSIDE OUT, choreographer Conny Janssen draw inspiration from the term Exploded Drawings, three-dimensional construction drawings, and the notion that in order to be able to find out what is hidden behind the facade, you have to crack open something. These are metaphors for systems, but at the same time for the sometimes compelling group dynamics. In INSIDE OUT, she embarks on a quest for live smouldering under the surface, for the individual’s role amidst the complexity of the masses; for a small detail in the larger pattern.  Only after the rock-hard armour has ripped open, the self can reveal itself.

Sometimes you look at something that is beyond reach. All information, all aspects of human identity, are confined within the structure. Like a body encompassed by skin. Only after having depilated the exterior, and thus having revealed the interior, you experience the beauty of the components, the details and the interrelationships.” – Conny Janssen

INSIDE OUT in the year 2018
Conny Janssen looks upon the reprise of existing work as a chance for a further development of her repertoire. Not just a different group of dancers, but also emotional distance and having experienced the creation of new material, have an effect on the way she regards her own work. That is why the renewed version of INSIDE OUT is no nostalgic retrospect, but the result of a vigorous new process of creation with different dancers and space for new choices.

Press about INSIDE OUT in 2015:
Janssen shows the vulnerability of the self’ – TROUW ****

Rhythm, respiration, weight transfer with natural undulating patterns and a certain flow that automatically lures you to join in.’ – THEATERKRANT.NL ****

From this opening image in which the individuals are subservient to the collectivity, the choreography opens up gradually. […] curvilinear dynamic motions, beautiful solos and duos.‘ – DE VOLKSKRANT ***

In INSIDE OUT, Conny Janssen and her overwhelming ensemble know how to embed the human in dance, and brilliantly so.’ Jury report The Swans (Dance Awards 2015)

Conny Janssen Danst Scènefote INSIDE OUT door leo van Velzen

Foto: Leo van Velzen

Live music
In addition to a dance ensemble, including young talents as well as familiar faces, for INSIDE OUT, Conny Janssen puts together an amazing musical gathering, led by singer-songwriter/musician iET and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Budy Mokoginta. Together with keyboard player Thierry Castel and cellist Keimpke Zigterman they will play new compositions particularly featuring the voice of  iET and all her sounds that will lead us to the dancers’interior.

Premiere: Fri Jan 19, 2018 Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg
Try-outs: Fri Jan 12 Theater a/d Schie, Schiedam & Thu Jan 18 Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg
Tour till Apr 29 2018
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Multi talented singersongwriter from Rotterdam how composed and plays – together with Budy Mokoginta, Thierry Castel and Keimpke Zigterman – live music in the Conny Janssen Danst dance performance INSIDE OUT.