Francesca Ciaffoni (31)

Danser (stagiair)

Francesca is één van de vijf jonge dansers die in seizoen ’14/’15 het talentontwikkelingsproject binnen Conny Janssen Danst doorlopen.

Francesca: ‘Dancing is my primitive instinct and my need. I am a curious person by nature and I love to travel in my imagination and investigate new movements. With dancing every time I discover new things about myself and I open the doors of my mind every time going deep into the creative process. It’s my way to be close to my being as a person.’

‘I love art, whether it is painting, sculpture or performing art. I adore music and I love to discover new things about it. I also have a passion for nature and also for this I practiced climbing a few years.’



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

25 AUG 2014


Codarts (Rotterdamse dansacademie)

Francesca was bij Conny Janssen Danst te zien in:

Rotterdamse Lente 2 (2015)
INSIDE OUT 2015 (2015)

Was eerder te zien in werk van

(tijdens dansopleiding) Regina van Berkel, Samir Calixto, Sjoerd Vreugdenhil, Bruno Listopad en Club Guy & Roni.

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