Alberto Albanese (21)

Being a dancer gives me a unique way of seeing and living life. It means passion, dedication and commitment. Dance for me is like an interactive tool to communicate and learn what cannot be said in words. Art is life as life is movement. So let’s dance our lives!



Bij Conny Janssen Danst sinds

10 AUG 2020


Codarts University for the Arts,  Rotterdam Netherlands  Bachelor in Contemporary Dance
Associazione Europea Danza (A.E.D.) Livorno, Italy  Dance Intensive Programme (DIP)
Ballet Academy of the ​of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Alberto werkt/werkte bij Conny Janssen Danst aan::


Was eerder te zien in werk van

​Tom Weksler​ (“Great State of Uncertainty”), ​Felix Landerer​ choreography (“The Third Person”), ​Roy Assaf​ choreography  – rep by Niv Marinberg (“Boys”), ​Jiry Kyliàn (“A Way Alone”)

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