BROOS – Conny Janssen Danst & live music Maartje Teussink

Jan till May 2019 in theatres

BROOS (meaning: BRITTLE) is a scintillating, physical performance about old age, youth and the fragility of life. In a patchwork of narratives we experience the heartbeat of various moments in time.

On being and disappearing.
On acquiring and losing
On daring and deliberation.
On the unstoppable marching of time.
On the here-and-now as opposed to the there-and-then.

BROOS tells the story about the vulnerability of existence,
from life’s first cry to final breath.

After HOME (2017) and the remake of INSIDE OUT (2018), BROOS is the latest work for theatre venues by Conny Janssen. Together with a large, adventurous group of thirteen dancers – young talent as well as familiar faces – once again Conny Janssen works with live music specially composed and performed for BROOS by Maartje Teussink. In 2016 the choreographer and composer also worked together during the site-specific performance COURAGE at the Ferro Dome. The music of the composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist can be described as lyrical and alternative. Teussink creates musical atmospheres and soundscapes, exploring the boundaries and the combination of different musical influences.

Multi-instrumentalist Maartje Teussink is an alchemist in a musical laboratory full of picking guitar riffs, throbbing basses and spherical soundscapes.” – Trouw, Saturday 18 June, 2016 (about COURAGE)

Listen Maartje Teussink on Spotify:

Conny Janssen’s work received numerous awards; it can be seen at several festivals. Conny Janssen Danst also fosters young talent, with both young dancers and young creators of dance given the opportunity to develop within the professional environment of the company. This makes the company an important ambassador for modern dance.

Tour: Until Sat 11 May 2019
Dates & theatres: check tourlist at the Dutch page

Last chance to see BROOS: May 10 & May 11 2019, Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg

Dancer: Liza Wallerbosch ©Raymond de Vries



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Conny Janssen Danst (English)

Rotterdam-based dance company known for their on site performances and metropolitan productions, waywardly constructed choreographies, full of alertness

Live in BROOS: Maartje Teussink

Multi talented singersongwriter from Rotterdam how composed and plays live music in the Conny Janssen Danst dance performance BROOS.