Danseres Mariko Shimoda over INSIDE OUT toen en nu

De succesvolle voorstelling INSIDE OUT uit 2015 gaat opnieuw op tour langs de Nederlandse theaters. Van de cast uit 2015, bestaande uit 13 dansers, zien we dit jaar 5 dansers terug. Eén ervan is de Japanse Mariko Shimoda. Net als in 2015 is zij het gezicht van het affiche voor INSIDE OUT. We spraken met haar over de voorstelling, het repetitieproces en de overeenkomsten en verschillen tussen toen en de remake in 2018.

What have you discovered during the rehearsal process?
During the rehearsal process I noticed that even after performing more than 50 times, there are always things to work on and get better at.

What is your favorite part in INSIDE OUT?
My favorite part is opening of the piece. It’s is the only part where all twelve of us are moving exactly the same, and it is quite complicated counting to be together, so I can feel everybody’s concentration and hear everybody’s breathing which can make me nervous and also exciting at the same time.

Foto: Rob Hogeslag

How is the rehearsal process different from the rehearsals in 2014/2015?
The rehearsal went very different compared from 2014/15. For this season the piece was already made, so there were more of learning choreography than creating, but also having a lot of new dancers makes big difference in studio. You get to discover different quality depends on who you dance with especially in partnering.

Can you bring another part of yourself in INSIDE OUT now, compared to INSIDE OUT in 2015?
Yes I think so: it has been three years since the first INSIDE OUT and I have changed as a dancer and also as a person. A lot happened since then and I think this always effects how I am on stage.

Affiche INSIDE OUT met Mariko Shimoda  Beeld: Raymond de Vries | Ontwerp: ZEE

INSIDE OUT is van 12 januari t/m 29 april te zien in maar liefst 44 theaters in Nederland.
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