CONNY JANSSEN DANST, located in Rotterdam, has been one of the most prominent modern dance troupes in the Netherlands since 1992. The works of its artistic leader Conny Janssen are widely known for their strongly physical and theatrical power of the dancers, and the surprising diversity of their performances, in which highly qualitative dance is always paramount.

The thematic of the big city forms a significant breeding ground. Conny Janssen is a specialist in creating on-site performances: from theatre to factory hall, from church to parking garage. By entering into alliances with artists and institutions from the world of photography, film industry, architecture, theater and music, Conny Janssen puts dance in a broader perspective. The works of Conny Janssen were repeatedly accoladed and are to be seen on both national and international festivals. On account of this, the troupe developed into an important promoter of modern dance.

Conny Janssen’s choreographies are defined as ingenious, powerful, and stirring. Although her language of dance is unconnected, it merges into a sophisticated music choice, composition, and lighting. On top of that, her works are characterized by a versatility, which every time turn out to be unpredictable voyages of discovery for both her dancers and her audience. She melts together her flexible, outstanding language of dance with the personal qualities of her dancers. Therefore, her dancers stand on the stage as human beings of flesh and blood. Fragile, passionately, and with fighting spirit.


Meet Loïc and Dario

ROTTERDAMSE LENTE is a short tour with the very best from Conny Janssen Danst's new talent development program DANSLOKAAL. The evening consists of the presentation of the work of two young choreographers, as well as that of a powerful new choreography by artistic leader Conny Janssen herself.

DANSLOKAAL provides young dance makers with the opportunity to develop new work with Conny Janssen Danst's dancers. Young talented choreographers Loïc Perela and Dario Tortorelli made a lasting impression during its first edition in June/ July 2013, which is why their work will now be touring the Netherlands with ROTTERDAMSE LENTE. We are pleased to introduce them to you!

Loïc Perela
(Frankrijk, 1983) was educated at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Danse de Marseille and the Conservatoire National supérieur de Danse de Paris. He has danced with Europa Danse, IT Dansa, Dolon Dance Company and Scapino Ballet. He also created several pieces for Scapino Ballet (A porte fermee, Hmm mm m, Secondes, Craquer la peau, Par la main), de Dolon Dance Company (Avec le printemps derrière), Codarts (Nina) and for Dansateliers (Au creux de l'oreille). In 2007 he won the Scapino Productie Prijs during the Hannover Choreography Competition.

In June 2012 he decided to no longer dance for a company and focus on developing his creativity and signature as an independent choreographer. He participated in the international research project ChoreoRoam in 2012 and created Au creux de l'oreille during One Night’s Dance in that same year. After several of his choreographies had been presented around Rotterdam Kristin de Groot of Dansateliers nominated him to be a part of DANSLOKAAL's first edition.

Loïc considered the creation of DANCE for DANSLOKAAL1 to be a rich process; working with Conny Janssen Danst's dancers in its own studios, knowing that the performances would take place there as well. The intimate setting has been especially important for Loïc's decisions during the creation process. He aims to give his audience something that comes straight from the heart, honest and pure. He means to communicate with the audience, without being pedantic or too obvious.
Loïc isn't interested in telling a story, but rather attempts to challenge the audience to look beyond the situations he creates, to together discover the essence of emotions and the feelings that those emotions can give us. He asks his audience to have a seat, relax, open their eyes and to see all there is to see, whatever that may be.

Loïc Perela: "Creating for DANSLOKAAL has been a great experience, as artistic director Conny Janssen gave me complete freedom to explore my own movement language and express myself. The dancers I worked with were eager to discover and develop new areas, which resulted in a great working atmosphere. It was a very 'fertile' creation ground.

I learned how to deliver a product combining proper research with limited time. I also learned to trust my instincts and heart. It was good to experiece that I could share my thought process with the dancers and have it help me. I have once more realised that strong determination accomplishes a lot.

A lot of people have seen my work now, and it is a great tool to send out to prospective partners as it reflects where I am as a maker and is something I am very proud of. Conny Janssen also chose it to tour with ROTTERDAMSE LENTE in 2014, which I am very excited about, as it will give the work very good exposure because she has a wide audience. I see DANSLOKAAL as a stepping stone."

Dario Tortorelli (Italië, 1977) is an independent choreographer and visual artist who graduated the Brenda Hamlyn School in Florence as a classical and modern dancer in 1995. He began his dancing career in France, at the Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower in Cannes and the Ballet de l’Opera de Nice. He has been working in the Netherlands since 2001 and performed with Introdans, Conny Janssen Danst (I’m Here, Hear Me, Rebound, Parels, Sparring Partners, Common Ground) and in several projects by Jaakko Toivonen, Sara Lorenco, Bruno Listopad and Lucinda Childs.

From 2006 onwards he has been working intensely with Belgian choreographer Ann Van den Broek (WArd/waRD), not only as a dancer but also as a teacher and assistant-choreographer. Next to his dancing career he also created his own work by the name of ‘diveinD’. He created ‘ROMEO HEART’ in 2009, a character representing a modern day version of knight Errant. This character is present in all of Dario's latest works: performances, videos and installations called Short Studies for ROMEO HEART. He has been developing this concept by the name of Post Studies for ROMEO HEART. His choreography for DANSLOKAAL is a part of this series as well.

To Dario DANSLOKAAL has been a great opportunity to create new ideas and work with multiple dancers at the same time. As a former dancer of Conny Janssen Danst he felt as though he never left. Dario has predominantly made solos over the past four years, but DANSLOKAAL saw him creating a piece for no less than 7 dancers.

His inspiration for this piece came from American films (Film Noir), surreal films, icons, life and death, shadow, velvet, darkness and sarcasm.
Dario is interested in portraying the human perception of immortality, as well as ridiculing it in certain ways. He uses clichés of iconic characters and combines them with reality and fantasy. Dario describes his work as minimalistic, with a whiff of drama and romance. He wants to allow the audience into his fantasy world, and especially draw in the people who are too lazy to create a world of their own.

Dario Tortorelli: "DANSLOKAAL was a productive experience. The dancers were open and eager to experiment. I hope that working with me has helped them develop as an artist, as it has for me working with them.

This project made me more confident in how to communicate my work more clearly to the dancers I work with. It was helpful to have a limited time phrase, because it puts a certain pressure on the decision making. It also taught me that for my type of stage work scenography and lighting are essential, and have to be present from day one.

In conclusion, DANSLOKAAL was an enriching learning experience for me and has been very valuable for my artistic development. I am looking forward to the ROTTERDAMSE LENTE tour."

ROTTERDAMSE LENTE is on tour from March 28th to May 9th 2014.
Check here for participating theatres.
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The very best from Conny Janssen Danst's new talent development program DANSLOKAAL with work by young dance makers, complemented with a short choreography by Conny Janssen.

DANSLOKAAL provides young dance makers with the opportunity to develop new work with Conny Janssen Danst's dancers. Young talented choreographers Loïc Perela and Dario Tortorelli made a lasting impression during its first edition in June/ July 2013, which is why their work will now be touring the Netherlands with ROTTERDAMSE LENTE. The evening will be complemented with a new, short choreography by Conny Janssen.

After a series of performances in Rotterdam Conny Janssen Danst now provides a nationwide platform to these young artists with ROTTERDAMSE LENTE on tour. This gives the company's loyal audiences a chance to discover the young choreographers' dance vocabulairies, as well as offering them the opportunity to expose their work to a nationwide audience.

AFTER NEARLY LAND(e)SCAPING by Dario Tortorelli stems from a series of studies for 'ROMEO HEART' and unravels a new chapter of the choreographer's vision. Tortorelli describes this piece as 'almost a dance piece, almost a play, a film scene or an art installation'; a combination of all of these, paired with a strong sense of beauty.

With DANCE Loïc Perela* hopes to demonstrate that dance is an instrument for expression, and a way to celebrate the body and make the soul travel. When we take a step back from styles and codes, doesn't dancing become a wonderful way to get in touch with body and mind?

* Loïc has been working on his development as an independent choreographer with the support of Dansateliers since 2012. With the guidance and support from Dansateliers he has created Au creux de l’oreille (2012), FEAR (2013) en DANCE (2013, DANSLOKAAL 1) and participated in ChoreoroamEurope. This year he will take part in the international project Communicating Dance and work on a new piece which takes our senses as a starting point.

ROTTERDAMSE LENTE is on tour from March 28th to May 9th 2014.
Check here for participating theatres.
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Meet Kayla Tuggle

Kayla Tuggle is a student at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She has taken the courageous step to move to the Netherlands from in Illinois (US). She is delighted to be an intern at Conny Janssen Danst this season.

“During my solo I felt truly alive and gave every ounce of my body. It was exhilarating.”

Why did you start dancing?
"I first started dancing because my mother put me in as a social thing. I also had a problem with my left eye. The brain gave up on the muscle, so to speak, so they figured it would be good for me to dance and to have to be aware of the space around me. It worked, but also, from there on I got used to using the other senses of my body. After those years I joined competition with my studio, and really began to love dance. I did mosty hiphop, jazz and lyrical then.

When I was fourteen I decided that I wanted to pursue dance as a career. At sixteen I left home and moved to California, where I went to a boarding school for performing arts, Idyllwild Arts Academy. It was the only school in the States that involved modern, jazz, pointe and ballet. The other two schools were strictly classical.

I had a teacher there that came to Holland to work with Anouk van Dijk, and she told me that she thought Codarts (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten red.) would be a good fit for me. She said it was a really good school. And now I’m here. This is my fourth year in Codarts and I’m doing my internship at Conny Janssen Danst!"

What do you think about when you enter the studio in the mornings?
"I first think about what my body needs for the day, I think about how I feel. Then I try to be aware of everyone else, too. I try to get the vibe, to see how the atmosphere is that day, for us as a group."

Can you recall a moment in a performance that really moved you?
"When I first saw Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, I was really moved by them. It’s a long time ago, so I can’t describe exactly what precise emotions I felt back then. All I can say is they captured all the emotions in my body. It was incredible. I was completely captured.

Some time ago we had a performance with my year and I performed a piece from Alida Dors (A hiphop dancer and choreographer, also artistic leader of Solid Ground Movement). It was a kind of hiphop, urban piece and I had a solo in it. That performance was the one time in my life so far that I felt really alive when dancing. I was so alive, I took the stage and gave every ounce of my body. It felt exhilarating."

How would you describe your work at Conny Janssen Danst to your friends?
"It is hard to explain to people exactly what I do. The best way I can break it down is to explain that it involves classical technique, with some modern and contemporary as well. I think I fit the modern and contemporary dance style best because of my body type and the structure of it. I wouldn’t say Conny Janssen Danst is an entirely contemporary company, because we’re all so different. I think it is contemporary for a large part, because everybody adds their own individuality to the pieces. Everyone has their own input and we all create parts of the pieces, in a sense. The work becomes very diverse because of that, which I think you could see as contemporary.

I haven’t worked with Conny Janssen herself that much yet, but I really look forward to working with her because I hear that she really brings out the best in her dancers. So far it’s been good, it’s been really fun."

After a day of rehearsals, do you take the work home with you?
"In the first week, definitely. I would go home and look on my computer to check the rehearsal videos, to make sure I got all the counts right. But now I just go home and relax, really. I go to bed quite early, because it’s still quite a lot to take in, starting in a new company. But no, I never really leave the dance behind. It goes home with me. In the evenings I still sing the music that is played during the rehearsals."

What do you do when you’re not dancing?
"I like to read to relax, I’m into the Dan Brown books at the moment. I love my tv shows. I need to catch up on them, actually. I like to knit too, in the winter time. I also love cooking and baking, so on the weekends I often make bread and little pastries."

What do you want to give to people when you dance?
"I always said I just want to give the people the happiness I get from dancing. I want them to feel how I feel when I dance, to experience the happiness I get from doing this. I don’t know if that’s always what they take away from it, but that’s ok, maybe they need other things from dance. I still try to get the happiness that I feel across to my audience."

What is your dream?
"My dream was quite simple when I was younger; I just wanted to dance, period. I didn’t care where. But now that I’m older I know that it really matters where you dance. You don’t want to be unhappy in your career, with your dream. It is a dream; I think dancers are quite lucky, because they get to do what they love. I already feel so happy and overwhelmed that I’m dancing with this company now. I’m still trying to figure out the next step after this."

Want to see Kayla perform in HOW LONG IS NOW? Click here for tour dates.


HOW LONG IS NOW is back!

Inspired by historic, industrial locations choreographer Conny Janssen created in 2012 with her dancers and band Alamo Race Track a captivating dance event that sold out every night. And now Conny Janssen Danst is back with HOW LONG IS NOW, in a special edition for theatres in which twelve magnificent dancers and the band Alamo Race Track take you to their world in which the past exists in remembrances and the future in longing.

We see a man alone, lost in his own imagination, his own game. He seems lost in the large, empty space where there is nothing and no-one left. Gradually he is surrounded by other people, men and women dancing, loving, saying farewell, searching for intimacy, having fun. They build their own new world. Or does time catch up with them and are these just fragments of a life once lived?

Come and see this beautiful performance with your own eyes!
Check here for tour dates.

More information on Alamo Race Track?
Have a look at their website: www.alamoracetrack.com

De Volkskrant ★★★★
‘Fascinating and dramaturgically crystal clear.’

NRC Handelsblad ★★★★
‘... Such images alone make Conny Janssens HOW LONG IS NOW a pleasure.’

Trouw ★★★★
‘Janssen has manifested herself as one of the most important choreographers of the Netherlands for twenty years.'



Conny Janssen Danst provides opportunities for young talent through DANSLOKAAL, the new talent development project, where young artists are invited to develop new work together with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst.
In its annual DANSLOKAAL the dance company opens its doors to a varied group of creative artists. For each event artistic director Conny Janssen collaborates with a variety of partners and selects promising choreographers with diverse backgrounds. The contributors to DANSLOKAAL 1 are Francesco Curci, Loïc Perela (selected by Dansateliers) and Dario Tortorelli. Wondering what the results of this collaboration look like? Come and find out during one of the eight performance nights in the studio of Conny Janssen Danst.

Thu 20th till Sun 23rd of June*
Thu 27th till Sun 30th of June
Satrst: 20.30 hours
Studio Conny Janssen Danst
Tickets: Online or call 010-4529912

* At the first 4 nights Dansateliers presents a support act: an extract from 'Quite Discontinuous' by choreographer Jasper van Luijk.

Choreographers: Francesco Curci, Loïc Perela & Dario Tortorelli
Dancers: Davide Bellotta, Adi Amit, Francesco Curci, Christiaan De Donder (stage/trainee), Stein Fluijt, Olive Lopez, Mariko Shimoda, Yannick Wagenaar (stage/trainee)
Dramaturcic advice: Judith Wendel
Lighting design: Remko van Wely
Coaching: Conny Janssen, Kristin de Groot (Dansateliers)


ZOUT is back!

Sold out theaters, raving reviews and nominated for two dance-prices: Conny Janssen Danst is back with the successful dance performance ZOUT [Salt]. In March and April 2013 in Dutch (& Belgium) theaters.
Live on stage in ZOUT: Seven exceedingly strong, male dancers and Anne Soldaat, currently one of the best guitarists in the Dutch pop scene. In ZOUT we watch a group of men interact to set the rhythm of their gathering. Their solidarity springs from a common desire to maintain their existence. However, under the surface there lies an inexplicable fear of their order being disturbed.


De Volkskrant (****)
Conny Janssen Danst presents beautiful sparks on an intriguing stage

Het Parool (****)
‘Janssen and Soldaat are a fascinating couple

Check out the tourdates
Watch photos of ZOUT

The music for ZOUT was composed by Anne Soldaat and the composer Michel Banabila. Choosing Anne Soldaat as the musical partner for this performance continues a series of surprising and inspiring collaborations with colourful and high-profile musicians. For earlier performances Conny Janssen invited, among others, Eric Vloeimans, Jeroen van Vliet, Cello Octet Amsterdam, Daniela Bernoulli, Mete Erker, Corrie van Binsbergen and Alamo Race Track.

Until 2004, Anne Soldaat was a member of the successful band Daryll-Ann. His solo cd’s In Another Life (2009) and Anne Soldaat (2012), recorded in Los Angeles with Jason Falkner (Air, Beck), appeared to great acclaim. He plays also in Tim Knol’s band since 2009 and wrote songs for his albums Tim Knol and Days.

What the press said about Anne Soldaat’s album In Another Life:
VolkskrantOnce again, Soldaat demonstrates the brilliance of his guitar solos.
NRC HandelsbladSoldaat proves to be a master of many trades: he presents subdued guitar songs […], springlike pop songs […] and dark rock [...] with the greatest of ease. And in fact, a single song often contains all of these variants.’ www.annesoldaat.com



VUIL&GLASS featuring Cello Octet Amsterdam / premiere february 21st 2010, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
COMMON GROUND featuring Michel Banabila, Daniela Bernoulli, Mete Erker and Corrie van Binsbergen / premiere location June 26th 2010, Station Hofplein De Hofbogen, Rotterdam

SO HERE WE ARE featuring ORIGINAL WINDS / première theatre March 15th 2009, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
RUIS featuring students Codarts Rotterdamse Dansacademie / première October 8th 2009, Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam

SPARRING PARTNERS /part 1 première location March 30th 2008, Orgelpark, Amsterdam
SPARRING PARTNERS/part 2 première theatre April 10th 2008, Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam

PARELS première December 20th 2007, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
SO HERE WE ARE première location 30th June 2007, Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Rotterdam
IN TWO MINDS special version | DANScombinatie | in cooperation with Krisztina de Châtel & Ann van den Broek | première January 21th 2007, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

IN TWO MINDS première theatre October 10th 2006, ISALA theater, Capelle aan den IJssel
THREE première October 10th 2006, ISALA theatre, Capelle aan den IJssel
IN TWO MINDS première location September 16th 2006, Keizerzaal, Sint Servaas-basiliek, Maastricht
HEAR ME première March 5th 2006, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

LOST première November 9th 2005, Holland Dance Festival, Korzo Theater, Den Haag
REBOUND première October 15th 2005, ISALA theater, Capelle aan den IJssel
MANOEUVRES première June 17th 2005, Zomerfestival Parade, Rotterdam
I'M HERE première March 12th 2005, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

LICHT première February 5th 2004, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
Washington square | Het Nationale Ballet | Holland Festival

TROOST première October 7th 2003, ISALA theater, Capelle aan den IJssel
VUIL & GLASS in cooperation with Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico | première theatre February 13th 2003, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

VUIL & GLASS in cooperation with Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico | première location July 18th 2002, Zomerfestival Karavaan, Huisvuilcentrale NH, Alkmaar
NUMBER ONE première March 2nd 2002, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam
BLUF| Introdans, ensemble voor de jeugd
In Between | in cooperation with Fontys Dansacademie

MEET ME, A DANCER première November 16th 2001, Holland Dance Festival, Theaterzwembad De Regentes, Den Haag
ALBUM FAMILIAR | DANScombinatie 2 | in cooperation with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam & Dance Works Rotterdam | première February 2nd 2001, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam

INSTINCT première October 11th 2000, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam
CATCH! | Introdans, ensemble voor de jeugd

KUS VAN EEN VIS première November 2nd 1999, Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam
OKTOBER première January 8th 1999, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

VIJZEL in cooperation with Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico | première February 25th 1998, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
PISTE | Introdans, ensemble voor de jeugd

COME ACROSS | Rotterdamse Dansacademie

WELK EEN EER VOOR HET VADERLAND TE MOGEN STERVEN première theatre October 15th 1996, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
WELK EEN EER VOOR HET VADERLAND TE MOGEN STERVEN première location August 29th 1996, Mullerpier, Rotterdam
FRAMES PER SECOND: PORTRAITS-LANDSCAPES première February 28th 1996, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

IN HET VOORBIJGAAN | Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel
4 TOKEN | dance movie, director Mart Dominicus
DANCE TO THE LIVE MUSIC | project Anjerfonds Zuid-Holland
WHEN MOST I WINK, THEN DO MINE EYES BEST SEE première February 7th1995, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
MANNERS première February 7th 1995, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam

IN EEN ANDER JASJE | in cooperation with Kim van der Boon, Danstheater Arena
DONDER OP | Introdans, ensemble voor de jeugd
WEEPING WALS première October 1st 1993, Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda
THE UNANSWERED QUESTION première October 1st 1993, Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda

LOS ZAND | Moderne Theaterdans
MOVING TARGET première September 25th 1992, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden
MONOLOOG VOOR TWEE HELFTEN première September 24th 1992, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden
ELOÏ ELOÏ première theatre September 24th 1992, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden

ELOÏ ELOÏ Hoppers nightmare | i.s.m. Glenn van der Hoff

FAÇADE | Djazzex